Friday, November 11, 2016

This is a safe place.

Wear your safety pins proudly to stand against intolerance. No pulling back on womens' rights, LGBT rights, intimidation of immigrants.

If you want to fight

Fight with your pocketbook. Don't do business with companies that supported DT, cancel your credit cards, get off their mailing lists and tell them why. Don't go see or support celebrities who supported him or watch their movies or TV shows or buy their products or music. Wherever you see injustice, racism, or cruelty to others because of their race, religion, or sexualty, stand up for them. Join organizations that support the planet and raise people up. You have a voice, use it.

Black Days Ahead

Still not over Black Tuesday of 2016. What a horrid thing to happen to the world. What happened confirms that there is no supreme being watching over us...we're all alone on this planet. Love the ones close to you because the morons who voted that narcissistic, racist, sexist troll in are not going to love you or even be kind to you. We're doomed to a dystopian world. Fun, right?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Election and other stuff

Terrible, horrible, disgusting,  numbness. Hate that people went with that pig. People I know and love did that and I will never forgive them for it. I only hope the US can weather this travesty. I'm off of social media until I work through my feelings because I am disgusted with people and I don't want to see or hear from a majority of them ever again. My immediate family is not included in this rant.
He's not my president, he's a racist butt wipe and I will do my best to not see or hear him or support him in any way shape or form...EVER! Goodbye to the land I knew and loved. And no I'm not moving out of the country! I can voice my opinion, at least for now until the jackbooted thugs take over.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Doesn't feel like September

It's September and while our temps range from the 90's for highs and the high 70's for lows and doesn't feel very fall like, at least it's not in the 100's anymore.
Went to the doctor and my tests came out pretty good. The only troublesome result showed that I'm still on the cusp for diabetes. Bummer. I watch what I eat and even got a new tread mill and use it at least 5 minutes every hour from 7am to 7pm...for the most part. Sometimes I walk 15 minutes. I have a Fitbit so I can't fudge the numbers. Most days I reach my goal but when I don't I just resolve to do better. I've been getting nosebleeds as of late, had abut 5 of them so far, so my regular doctor is sending me to an ear, nose, and throat MD to hopefully see what's up.
The election is dragging on and on and on and on. The media which used to be made up of journalist has now become 'reality television' with screaming and yelling and mostly just reporting what they think has happened instead of the facts of what happened in any given story. Sad, sad. I don't know how things will turn out but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have a Brexit situation here when the dust settles.
We had a nice though quick visit with Cyndi. She moved away and came to pick up the rest of her things. Was lovely seeing her. Thank goodness for Hangouts, at least we can see her when she calls.
College football has started so my husband is happy about that. Not a lot of games in a short amount of time compared to baseball and basketball season but it's his favorite sport to watch.
Go Longhorns!
Roll Tide!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Sore Losers

We backed Hillary in 2008 and when she did not get the nomination we licked our wounds and got over it and backed Obama. I say this because I think that the Bernie Sanders backers should now do the same thing. He ran a good campaign but he lost so all of you should quit crying and get on with the work of helping Hillary beat Trump. All I hear from your losing camp is wah, wah, wah. Sheesh!

Quit being cry babies and sore losers.

Monday, June 13, 2016

"Yellow dog Democrats are Democrats who are fiercely loyal to their party, typically voting a straight Democratic ticket and always supporting Democratic candidates. The Democratic party of course greatly appreciates yellow dogs, although the term is sometimes used disparagingly to describe people who are blindly loyal to the party. Some Democrats have suggested that a small amount of disloyalty might actually be a good thing, allowing people to come up with constructive suggestions for making the party stronger.
The use of the term dates back to around 1900, when it was used to describe Southern Democrats, and it became popularized during the 1928 Presidential contest. Many Democrats in the South had lingering resentments against the Republicans left over from the period of Reconstruction after the Civil War, and as a result they decided to stand behind the Democratic party, sometimes at all costs, rather than supporting Republicans. The yellow dog Democrats were a serious force to be reckoned with in the American south as a result."
I'm a yellow dog democrat and guess I'll always be one. I truly don't like to discuss politics with others, especially those who make derogatory and inflammatory comments about the candidates I support.  Please keep your rhetoric to yourself and I won't throw shade on the candidate of your choice and goodness knows there is more than enough shade to throw! You vote your way and I'll vote my way.

Friday, May 20, 2016

May...still a difficult month for me

Don't know if I can post tomorrow or not so I'm posting this today. Tomorrow will be the second anniversary of my mom's passing. She is greatly missed.
I find myself wondering why getting over her death has been harder than getting over the death of my father. I've come to the conclusion that when my dad passed (Feb. 8, 2004) we had mom to worry about and take care of so there was little time to think and little time to mourn. Mom had been ill with Alzhiemers for about 7 years and the last three years of her illness where intense and then suddenly she was gone and I had nothing but time to mourn and comb through her belongings and see all the things that she had enjoyed. We're still finding things that I don't know what to do with. It's crazy. Because of this I have given away things of my own that don't have particular meaning for anyone so our kids won't have to go through the same task.
The old saying that time heals all wounds are wrong. It just dulls the pain.
On a happier note we have been having some good rain and Austin is green again.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Afraid For Hillary

I'm growing increasingly pessimistic about Hillary Clinton's chances for winning the Democratic nomination and getting elected president. She's not only fighting the Republican machine but she's also having to fight the Bernie Sanders and his minions that threaten not to vote for her if their candidate does not get the nomination. Don't know what's going to happen. It's scary.
I've been riding my stationary bike for a few minutes at a time trying to work up to riding it for a significant period of time. I'm so way out of shape that it's shameful, even for an old broad like me.
Trying to do more housework but it too gets away from me. The girls help and Frank helps in the kitchen but the dust mites out number us all! Ick.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Last Day of April 2016

Coming into May I find myself getting a little depressed. You see it will be the second Mother's Day without my mom. Time marches on and while it heals nothing it does dull the pain your loss. Sometimes it the pain does get the best of you though but like everything else it too passes on. I wonder why we're born if death is the conclusion of that life. What's the point of it all? Being a good person doesn't extend your life nor does being an evil person, death comes for all. It makes no sense to me. You work, you worry, you have times that you are happy but in the end you die and people go through your things and sell or give them away and maybe keep a few to use or to remember you by. Ah, I'm just in a dark place at the moment, just ignore my drivel. Why do I even ask you to ignore me when I know that seldom does anyone read this blog? Silly me.
I'm on Face Book and a lot of my in-laws and some who used to be co-workers are Republicans and some are coming around to Trump. What a disaster this election is. I try not to post anything political because I don't want to argue or hurt any persons feelings. We're all free to vote for who is running for whatever reasons we think they may be qualified. I'm a dyed in the wool Democrat and would rather vote for a yellow dog than a Republican. This election I'm supporting Hillary. I'd like to see what a woman could do in that office. Bernie Sanders offers pie in the sky promises that have not chance whatsoever of ever becoming law so I'm not supporting him. If he winds up getting the nomination in July I will vote for him but I will not work for his campaign or donate any money to it.
Thought I'd post a picture of one of our cats (we have two) just for something fun and sweet to uplift my mood. Her name is Pearl and she is a sweet and loving kitty who Evie rescued from the street.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Sunday in March 2016

The political race is going strong and the news channels are enjoying the whole spectacle of the Republican race. The only thing I have to say about the whole thing is that it's stupid.
We have some company coming today and leaving on Tuesday. It'll be nice to have something different going on.
SXSW is over, yeah!
Not anything to report on my exercise schedule...I'm lame, not in a physical way but in a mental way, and that's about it.
Been watching Sleepy Hollow, Lucifer (great fun but fluff stories), and waiting for the season finale of NCIS when Michael Weatherly does his last show as Tony.
Had some blood work done and the doctor says I'm holding steady. I read the report and while I understand some of the results some are Greek to me even if I look the words up on the Internet.
We had a lot of thunder on Friday but very tiny amount of rain. It's cooler the past couple of days and today but it's supposed to climb back into the 80's by mid-week. We've had no winter, and seem to have jumped over spring into summer. Ah well, that's the way it goes.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Nothing much going on

Not much going on that's interesting right now. We voted in the primary and we're pretty sick of seeing all the political ads, stories, squabbles, etc.. I don't know if I would look into the future to see what happens in November because I might not want to know and for now ignorance could be bliss.
I've done a little better on the exercise front, not as good as I should be doing but at least I'm doing something.
President Obama is in town today for SXSW so we're staying home. In the area where suspected traffic gridlock is suspected to be they are letting school out early and asking people to work from home if at all possible. Not only do we have the influx of people for this but the rodeo is in town and soon some basketball. It's crazy full of tourists.
Still struggling with missing my folks, especially my mom but I guess time is the only thing that will ease that pain. Read that Glen Campbell has reached the stage of Alzheimer's where he doesn't recognize people or things and has trouble talking. Such a painful disease for the family. Wish they could eradicate it.