Saturday, July 23, 2011


Had a nice birthday yesterday. Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes. tomorrow we will celebrate my birthday along with Frankie (our son) and his stepson Craig. That means cake! I hope that wherever you are today you are cooler than we are in Texas. On a sad note our hearts go out to the people of Norway. We hope they will heal soon from the tragic events of the past few days.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer trip

We got to go on a 4 day trip this past June and had a great time. The place was Shreveport, LA. We stayed at two different casinos and naturally did some gambling. We had good rooms, good food, and good company. We also went to the Louisiana Hayride building and visited the Elvis statue and although the pictures are not included in this post there were some taken of James Burton statue and his Rock and Roll recording studio. I'll post those later.
 1 Cyndi and the Elvis statue, 2. Krystal and I with part of the Elvis statue, 3. Me and Krystal, 4. Me and Cyndi at breakfast, 5. Frank and Krystal as same meal