Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cedar pollen on the way out!

Cedar pollen is on the way out! Yea! Took my early morning walks outside all week long. Had a couple of cool mornings but it felt good. This morning it's cool but the sun is out so I imagine it'll heat up some.
Since our we've had a non-winter this year everything seems to be blooming early and it all looks pretty. This would make me happy if I didn't know that a long hot summer was coming our way. Hopefully with La Nina ending soon we'll get back to a normal weather pattern and get some more rain.
My Mom has been having some memory problems and I've been talking to people about it like her doctor and nurse and our daughter Pam who is a nurse that has extensive experience with elderly patients. Their advice is most welcome and helpful in allowing me and our family to give her the best care possible. I've found some good sites online too. One of them is shown here.
Took some more photos while I was out and about, hope you enjoy them.
2012 Frankie with his new van and his dad

daffodils blooming in our front yard Feb. 2012

roses blooming in Feb. 2012

the park was full of runners getting ready for marathon

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Early February Updates

Not much to report. We've had some nice rain but not enough to bust the drought. Spicewood Springs, TX which is not far from Austin was in the national news this past week because they ran out of water in their wells. Lots of boat ramps sitting on the ground that used to float on 40feet of water. So sad. The cedar pollen is letting up some so hopefully it won't be long before it is all gone. We have light rain this morning and cool. It got up to 84 a few days ago. Not much of a winter around here this year.
The city finally had enough of the Occupy Austin sleeping on the outside stairs of City Hall so they rousted them. Arrested 7 or 8 of them and now they are regrouping. I think the movement has ran out of steam.
Still enjoy watching the birds outside our window. Hate the Morning Doves because they are piggies and eat until all the seeds are gone. I chase them off when I see them. The Doves try to intimidate the other birds too but have more than a match in the woodpeckers who are not afraid of them or any of the other birds that come to feed.

female woodpecker-has half of a red cap

hail fell for first time in many months

pea size-no damage done