Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Sunday in March 2016

The political race is going strong and the news channels are enjoying the whole spectacle of the Republican race. The only thing I have to say about the whole thing is that it's stupid.
We have some company coming today and leaving on Tuesday. It'll be nice to have something different going on.
SXSW is over, yeah!
Not anything to report on my exercise schedule...I'm lame, not in a physical way but in a mental way, and that's about it.
Been watching Sleepy Hollow, Lucifer (great fun but fluff stories), and waiting for the season finale of NCIS when Michael Weatherly does his last show as Tony.
Had some blood work done and the doctor says I'm holding steady. I read the report and while I understand some of the results some are Greek to me even if I look the words up on the Internet.
We had a lot of thunder on Friday but very tiny amount of rain. It's cooler the past couple of days and today but it's supposed to climb back into the 80's by mid-week. We've had no winter, and seem to have jumped over spring into summer. Ah well, that's the way it goes.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Nothing much going on

Not much going on that's interesting right now. We voted in the primary and we're pretty sick of seeing all the political ads, stories, squabbles, etc.. I don't know if I would look into the future to see what happens in November because I might not want to know and for now ignorance could be bliss.
I've done a little better on the exercise front, not as good as I should be doing but at least I'm doing something.
President Obama is in town today for SXSW so we're staying home. In the area where suspected traffic gridlock is suspected to be they are letting school out early and asking people to work from home if at all possible. Not only do we have the influx of people for this but the rodeo is in town and soon some basketball. It's crazy full of tourists.
Still struggling with missing my folks, especially my mom but I guess time is the only thing that will ease that pain. Read that Glen Campbell has reached the stage of Alzheimer's where he doesn't recognize people or things and has trouble talking. Such a painful disease for the family. Wish they could eradicate it.