Monday, July 28, 2008

This is hard!!!

Walking Stats:
7-21-08, hot morning, walked 3.364miles.
7-22-08, my BD but walked anyway. 3.58 miles
7-23-08, Mom Dr. appt in AM, walked 2.103 miles
7-24-08, cloudy, not too hot, did 3.263 miles
7-25-08, 3.186
7-26 to 7-27-08 no walking
7-28-08, icky, sticky, heat and I did 2.584
We're getting cable broadband which will only leave us with AOL email so I'm thinking I'll have to move my blog. Going to try to save as much of it as possible. AOL is cutting the I've Got Pictures service plus some others so I'm thinking the blog might fall victim to the cost cutting they are doing too. This means I'll have to move a ton of photos I've saved either to a disc or to another program which is sucky but it'll have to be done.
My knees one week after I fell on my morning walk.