Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympics, walking, Cyndi Birthday

Walking Stats:
3-18 -did not walk
3-19-3.356 miles, jogged three different times for 2 minutes each
3.23-did not have formal walk but hiked around the area of the fishing tank at Garry's in
3.24-no walk
We enjoyed watching the Olympic games and marveled at the American Swim Team fantastic success and wondered what was wrong with the USA Track Team who seemed to falter with the exception of a few brilliant runs. What shouldn't be overlooked in all the hoopla is the harsh reality of the Chinese government whose zeal to host these games lead to massive forced evictions of Chinese citizens from their homes and salary loses from factories closed to present to the world a 'smog free' Beijing. Arrests, detentions, and harassment of critics lead to repeated violations of media freedom, and increased political repression. No world leaders that I know of spoke out to challenge this behavior in a forceful way.
Over the past weekend we enjoyed a visit from Pam, Rick, and Lauren who came down not only to visit but to help Cyndi celebrate her birthday. Many thanks to Garry and his family in Rockdale for making us feel welcome and showing us a lovely time. I know we all enjoyed and that Rick and Frank truly enjoyed the fishing. We missed having Derick, and Frankie and Sandy there. Check out the photos that Lauren took and if you have a MySpace page you can see a few more that she took that I didn't add here.

I'm not completely thrilled with Joe Biden as the VP because my first choice would have been Hillary Clinton but you gotta go with what you're given so I'm supporting the ticket.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Learning the ropes and other stuff

Walking Stats:
8-12 2.816
8-13 2.953
8-14 2.748
8-15 no walk
8-16 2.864
8-17 3.661 got sort of in a pickle on this walk. Crossed the Congress St. Bridge and intended to go down Ceasar Chavez but it was closed so back-tracked to the bridge and went down the stairs behind the Raddison Hotel and onto the river walk to the foot bridge on Lamar. Felt good even though I had not planned to walk this distance. It was nice and cloudy, no rain :-( , but cooler than it has been.
8-18- no walk and we have a tiny bit of rain today. Hooray!
Have been following the Olympics and enjoyed the live feeds of the swimming events and the gynastics one. Also enjoyed the womens's marathon but was a little dismayed that more women didn't challange the winner who hailed from Romania. I don't think our track and field team is as strong as the swim team but I hope they do well. The women are doing fantastic in softball, volleyball (beach and indoor) and basketball so we've having fun watching them. Also saw a little bit of the fencing and when they have long exchanges it can get exciting.
I started this entry on Sunday but didn't get it to my liking until today. Frank had his first visit that started his bladder treatment therapy [Instillation of BCG into the Bladder] and it's rather complicated but so far it hasn't made him ill. The nurse told him the things to watch out for. His Pet Scan revealed that the lymph node in question was non-reactive so no biopsy for now but it is something that they are going to watch closely. So far, so good. :-)
Photo 1: Beautiful crepe myrtle on So. 1st St Photo 1: Hope lives in cracks of concrete

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blogging should be fun stuff not work stuff!

Walking stats:
8-3-08 None
8-4-08 did 3.051
8-5-08 walked 3.536
8-6-08 2.840 miles
8-7-08 3.361
8-8-08 2.984
8-9-08 no walk
8-10-08 2.868
8-11-08 just short walks around the clinic when Frank was getting tested.

Update: Frank had his PET Scan this morning. It took almost 3 hours. He said he was put in a radiation safe room and injected with a mixture. He had taken a book of the comic strip Pearls Before Swine to read but they told he could not read things that made him laugh...did something to the body chemistry. The day before he had to stop eating carbs and sugars which also does something to impeded the testing. Those pesky positrons are sensitive.
On my walk this morning I saw a lot of people on the hike and bike trail and about a dozen sculls out on Lady Bird Lake. The rowing club was out in force but most of them looked like weekend worriers. It's great that they are working out but rowing when you're not in shape can be a bad thing. A few things were odd though. Not many people out on the roadways biking or running. Barton Spings Road is usually bustling with acitivity on the weekends but not so today, and not many cars on the road either. Perhaps people are home watching the Olympic games.

I think Hillary needs to run for something again. I lost three pounds while working for her campaign but since then I have lost not one single pound. She was good for my waist line. ;-)

Saw Dallas play the first quarter last night and while they lost the game the first string looked like they were in good shape. I've also been enjoying the Olympic games. Our teams seem to be struggling a bit but as other countries get better our teams have to step things up a bit. The men's swim team is awesome, the women not so much. On the beach volleyball side it's the women who are very good and the men not so doing so well. It'll be fun and interesting for me to watch people do the things I don't have the talent or work ethic to do. Update: The men's relay swim team were fantastic last night. They broke a world record by 4 seconds which is huge. Also Hoff of the women's team just missed out on a gold by less than a second but I'm sure she'll be happy with the silver and will win a gold before it's all over.
I don't know if the link shown below works well but it's on YouTube and I'm sure you can find it. If you know the Rick Astley song you'll have a laugh and be amazed at how well it's connected to the song. Oh, and Senator Obama even dances like Rick Astley. ;-)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Weekly Catch Up

Walking Stats: 7-28-08 did 2.985 7-29-08 walked 2.926 7-31-08 saw me getting in 2.530, hot, hot, hot 8-01-08 I managed 2.993 in spite of the heat because we had a nice breeze Cyndi had a problem with a minor surgical procedure but she's doing good now. Still no word from the insurance company about the PET scan. I told Frank if he didn't call them Monday I would or better yet I'd let our daughter-in-law Sandy do the calling. She would give them what for! Did I mention here how much I hate most of the summer television schedule? It's so boring aside from a couple of shows like The Closer, Project Runway, and So You Think You Can Dance. Can't wait for fall with the new shows and football!!! The political scene is sinking into a quagmire of utter nonsense with most of it coming from the the GOP side. I shudder to think what will happen after the conventions are over with. I hope our girl Hillary is sitting in her elegant living room, sipping coffee, and happy very deep down that she is not out there with a target painted on her back. Meanwhile I am looking forward to the upcoming Olympic games. My favorite venues are Track & Field, Swimming, Diving, and Gymnastics.
Check out video of our new kitchen faucet. Silly thing I know but if you only knew how slow our old one was you'd appreciate the new one like we do.