Thursday, February 21, 2013

Healing is Progressing

One week after surgery

One and a half weeks after surgery
Things are looking good on the broken leg front. Healing is moving along nicely. They still don't know why it broke. All the tests came back good. The best was no new cancer found! No osteoporosis either. They put a titanium rod from knee to ankle so it should be stable. They think a possible reason is because it looked like the bone was not used much and deteriorated and broke. The cause for that could be that he has no triceps muscle and just too much pressure put on it without the help of the muscle to cushion the pressure made it weak. The other reason could have been what Dr.   Williams said..."you're just an ornery old man".
On the other fronts my mom is doing okay. She is having more moments when she doesn't know exactly who I am and sometimes she gets sad and cries because she misses her mother. Her mother died about 67 years ago but I guess in her mind not that much time has passed. She is eating though and still likes to spend time outside. It's take one day or one minute at a time with her. We keep her clean and comfortable. We try to talk with her but she's taken to talking to herself more and more, even when you are sitting beside her.
Two weeks after surgery

Two weeks after surgery, exercising with elastic band
So we just roll with the punches. I'm okay and try and take things as they come. I will say that without our granddaughter living with us I would most likely have collapsed of exhaustion by now but she has helped me bear the load and it helps, it helps. Our family is strong though and they help in any way they can and so do our friends. Nice.