Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Scattered Thoughts

Well here we are well into December and I've not increased my exercise. Why is very it so hard to do the things are good for your mind and body and so easy to do the things that are bad?
The political race is going downhill fast. I don't see anyone that I'm comfortable with. I wish Bill Clinton could run again. The Republican candidates scare the heck out of me.
I went to see The Book of Mormon with two of our daughters and one of our granddaughters. I really liked the cast and the singing and dancing was great. As far as the material it was satirical and very funny... most of the time. I think they were too irreverent at times and cursed too much at other times but that's just my opinion. In my humble opinion too much cursing means that their vocabulary is thin and it makes for lazy writing. I like for things to be witty and to make you think about what they are saying to understand what is taking place before you. Being hit over the head with the F word gets old very quickly and like I said above, it's lazy writing. Part of the play did make you think but other parts didn't. Happily the thinking parts out distanced the non thinking parts. The best part was being out and enjoying life with our girls. They are amazing human beings.
On Sunday we're going to see A Christmas Carol at the Zach theater. It's amazing that the story Dickens wrote so long ago is still relevant today, especially the part about the children of Christmas Present who were want and ignorance. Their needs caused societal problems then as they do today. He also wrote about the poor needing help and sadly this is still true today. Like it's been said before, the more things change, the more they stay the same, or so it seems.
Christmas will be here in a couple of weeks and then the new year. I hope the coming year holds peace and prosperity and health for everyone.