Monday, June 18, 2012

Nice Start for a Monday

Visited my neurosurgeon and got the good news that while my stenosis will not go away my damaged nerve was healing and my tricep was not as weak as it had been. A good check up but better yet no surgery for now. He'll see me again in 6 weeks and hopefully I'll show more improvement. In the meantime I'm not to lift anything heavy, nor do any exercise that causes me to twist my neck (turn with my torso) or put any pressure on it. I'm to protect my neck he said for the next six weeks. Better than learning I have to have a cervical disectomy with fusion!!!
Summer television is more of a wasteland than it normally is but I did like the ending of The Killing. It tied things up nicely. The haters won't like it of course and I wonder why they watch a show that they hate. I'm satisfied with it and now those detectives can get some sleep and get out of the rain! I've also watched America's Got Talent and am becoming convinced it doesn't. So You Think You Can Dance has some good dancers but the little tableaus they set up are annoying and boring. Let's see more dancers dancing please. That's all for now...we're celebrating my no surgery for now with some Chinese food. Yum. Have a good week!