Saturday, February 14, 2009

Setbacks but still ticking

First of all let me state here that I'm so very thankful that my husband and I have such good health insurance. I don't know what people do who don't have any. We're hoping the new administration will fix this problem so all Americans have access to good health care. Frank and I have had some medical problems that joyfully are not life threatening but still troublesome and in some cases quite painful. On Thursday the 5 of February I was brought down by acute cholecystitis, which translated is a common gall bladder attack. More painful than childbirth pains because at least they come and go and you have a bundle of love at the end of it, this pain is long and hard and has no rewards. When I went to the ER they thought I was having a heart attack since I have a history of cardio problems. After a battery of what I'm sure are outrageously expensive tests, the diagnosis was the gall bladder problem. On the advice of our primary physician I'll be seeing a surgeon this next week to get it taken care of. Frank has been undergoing a second round of BCG treatments and had a scary reaction to the second treatment in the round. Sigh of relief it was nothing serious, at least that's what his doctor said and who by the way I'm impressed with. He called him not once but twice to check on him. Usually doctors leave the calls to the nurses but in this case he handled it personally. So, you can see why we're so happy to have the health insurance we do have even though it's expansive to maintain. At least we have the resources to keep it current. When I turn 65 I'll have to drop it but we will still have good insurance to take care of our needs. My advice here is to exercise, eat healthy, and get a good night of sleep. Even all the money in the world can't buy you good health if you don't take care of yourself.
Speaking of exercise my schedule is in disarray but I've managed to keep some in and keep track of it! 2-5-09 I felt great and did 3.246 miles that morning, by 11 that night everything changed. :-( 2-6 thru 2-7 in the hospital so no exercise. 2-8 none. 2-9 two fifteen minute walking routine with a video I found on Real Age. 2-10 thru 2-13 30 minute walks on the treadmill.
Re: the Stimulus package-guess the Republican Party can be the Party of NO after all.