Monday, August 31, 2009

Not in the hundreds is good

Ah what a difference 10 degrees less makes. 72 this morning, light breeze, lower humidity. Fabulous. We had some real measurable rain last week and the grass has greened up a bit. Yesterday the temperature stayed in the 90's and that made it so much nicer than it was the last two or three months. The only way it could have been better is if it had been raining. The evil high pressure system has moved away allowing for the change. Now on to other things. Frank had his check up with his urologist and it was good and he will see him in three months for another one. I have an appointment tomorrow, my first since going off of private insurance. School has started and Cyndi has her students back. Krys is already deep into her studies and our niece Olivia is a high school student! Where does that pesky thing called time go? Got my walking in today and will have to adjust for tomorrow since my appointment is early. Maybe I'll use the dreaded 'treadmill' to get it done since the afternoons still get hot. We'll see.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Obesity May Shrink Your Brain - Science & Health News Briefs | Newser

This is yet another reason to keep your weight under control. Of course this was a small study so who knows if it's true or not. Even if it's not there are plenty of reasons to keep fit. On the walking front I did my usual last week. I woke up shortly after 7 this morning and didn't feel all that good and laid there and debated with myself about whether or not I should go for a walk. Finally I talked myself into doing it and did okay. Guess I'm just sick of the heat (105 yesterday) and humidity. Only a few more days and we'll break the 68 or 69 days of 100 plus days set back in 1925. Sigh, not a record I'm happy to be witness to. :0/

Obesity May Shrink Your Brain - Science & Health News Briefs Newser

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Remodeling the Front Door

Frank did a good job of redoing the front door. At the moment I can't find a photo of what the front looked like but it was sort of yellowish and had no glass in the top two panels. The door was getting cracks and showing it's age and we had looked at solid core doors with glass panels to let light in but still be secure and they were all expensive. So as Frank remodeled the door for about 80 dollars as apposed to 300 to 1,300 for a new door. I think it looks great. :-)
I did do my walking last week and today but didn't enjoy it very much because of the humidity and heat. Enough with summer already! I'm ready for some cool, crisp, fall days.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's raining, it's raining!!!

What a fabulous afternoon! We're actually getting some rain showers and thunder storms. :-D The unsteady clip below shows RAIN WATER coming off the patio roof and some of the yard. You can see the big brown swath cutting across the back yard due to lack of the wet stuff and only being able to water it twice a week, and sometimes only once a week. We are loving this even though it won't make a dimple in the drought conditions we've been having. For this moment, it's wonderful.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Same o same o

Still hot here, 105 and no rain. :-( Yesterday Frank called me to come to the front door and when I got there the precious smell of rain was in the air but alas it came from miles away because we didn't get any of the precious wet stuff. The seven day forecast calls for more of the same 100 plus temps and very isolated showers. I realize that having an unrelenting heat wave and drought is not the worst thing that can happen to a region but since I'm living with it and in it I think I will lose what's left of my mind if this weather doesn't break soon and we get some relief.
Saw some of President Obama's town hall meeting and was happy to see people behave like civil beings. Screaming, shouting, acting like an ass so others can't get their questions asked and answered is not exercising your 5th amendment rights it's stupid, rude, and asinine. By all means ask your questions and speak your mind but do it in a way that reflects respect on your up-bringing.
On a brighter note for me we enjoyed Tiger winning his 5th tournament this year and being a gentleman and speaking with respect about his opponent. We look forward to him winning the next tournament. Also it was good to see a football game again even if it is only pre-season. And all this hoopla over Michael Vick. Let the man play in peace. He payed his debt to society and is doing his community service with quiet dignity. He's not a murderer, drug user, rapist, lighten up and let him play. If Peta has to have someone to beat up on go after those people slaughtering horses in Florida of hunters hunting game from helicopters, the list goes on and on and on.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday feels like Monday

We're back home and I took my walk this morning. It was hot but I stayed in the shade and thankfully there was a breeze that gave me some relief from the heat. 104 expected today. Lots of laundry to do so I'd better stop messing around and get to it. The following article was written by Viggo Mortensen and I thought it was a good one so I'll share it here with you.
In the U.S.A., at this time when at least an incremental step is being considered by Congress toward legally guaranteeing that all citizens have some form of health-care coverage, the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies are spending record sums to advertise the benefits of the status-quo. This would be the same status-quo that has enriched insurance companies for many years while leaving millions of citizens young and old uninsured or cheated out out of the often unreliable and over-priced coverage that they might barely afford. The same status-quo that has allowed pharmaceutical companies, with the collusion of our government representatives (most of whom are heavily-lobbied and campaign-funded by these very companies), to make huge, unjustified profits. What does this massive surge in public relations spending by the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, to the tune of millions of dollars a day on all media advertising, tell you? Does it perhaps beg the question of why so many members of Congress are dragging their feet, trying to dilute and delay legislation until it amounts to a practically meaningless change in the national health care system? Does it explain the resistance from mainstream television and radio spokespeople to real change in the system, or the voice given to disreputable hack doctors and scientists that have suddenly been enlisted to resist this change? Does it throw some light on the motivations of extreme right-wing corporate shills like Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, Medved (and too many of their clones to mention) in their efforts to vilify President Obama or anyone wanting to at least try to set up a slightly more equitable and efficient health care system in this country so that we might take another step toward becoming a civilised nation? V.M.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

In San Angelo

Visiting in San Angelo with our daughter Pam and her family. We had a nice ride up from Austin and were amazed at how green the countryside was after you left Llano. I'm a wee bit green-eyed with envy but I know that water is a precious commodity in most of the world so I don't begrudge the rainfall to anyone. I didn't walk yesterday s0 I walked this morning and did 3.19 miles to get my five days in. It was 72 with a very nice breeze. Pretty sites along the way like the ponds pictured and the various ducks and maybe geese?