Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer, blech

August is moving along quickly and soon school will start again and another year will be history. As a kid my memories are of long and lazy summers and even long not so lazy school years. Now the days whiz by as I hurtle towards the inevitable that we all must face. Guess time is relative.
On a personal note I've just be diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and have to undergo a couple of tests next week and start on some anti-thyroid medication after that. This is sort of a good thing because it explains a lot of the symptoms that I've been having. The hard part is that hyperthyroidism is hard to control so they usually get you hypothyroid because that is easier to treat. Ah well like they say it's always something.
On the mom front things are still spiraling down. She's having more bad times and not remembering things she did remember only a month ago like her son. She brought me his picture and asked me who he was and when I told her who he was she said he wasn't her son but her brother.  I think pictures confuse her because she does not even recognize herself in them. She doesn't recognize us a lot of the time either and this occurs mostly between the hours of 1 and 7, or the witching hours as I call them. There have also been times when she will not take her medication and locks her door because she says people are out to kill her. We have a key to the door so the door locking is not worrisome. Also she has had a couple of times where she was really out of control cursing me and actually taking a swing at me.  One thing I did find out by trial and error was not to give her anything chocolate with her medications. It really causes her to freak out. This wouldn't have a been a problem years ago because she never used to like chocolate but now she likes anything sweet including chocolate. Pam told us that as we age we start to lose our taste buds with sweet ones some of the last to go so that is one reason elderly people like sweets and why things like spicy foods don't register. Back to my point of not mixing chocolate with medications like anti-psychotics. We think it affects her that way because of the serotonin in chocolate that affects moods mixing with the medications that also do the same thing. It may be it overloads the system. So we do not do that anymore. I'm going to make an appointment with her doctor and go talk to him as her advocate and discuss her medications and any other treatment options available. We only need to take her in to see him when she needs a physical exam or lab tests. Also home health can come out and help evaluate her. And no, she still does not want any comfort care people to be here. I live to hope this will change.
So that's our summer so far. Hope yours is better.