Sunday, May 8, 2011

More than one thought

                                                               Our lovely Mom.
                                                           Happy Mother's Day
I'm glad Osama bin Laden is gone and I do hope that those who have lost loved ones and suffered because of him get a measure of peace and sense of justice now that he is gone.  I do not feel like celebrating his death because I think that dancing in the street is akin to those horrid scenes we have all seen on the news of our brave soldiers killed and than dragged through the streets with people cheering and jeering. It's all horrible.
On another note I had to have a nuclear stress test this past that took about three hours. I think I did okay and that not much has changed since my last one. They did a number on my arms though trying to find a vein, mine are small and tend to roll and wiggle away from the needle. Can't say that I blame them.
On a frivolous and fun note I'm going to state my thoughts on the NCIS episodes leading up to the season finale. The blue eye Tony got in his drink glass sent to him by the P2P killer belongs to someone we know but who may not be dead just because they are missing an eye. Also the writers made it a point to let us see the mask makers of the FBI or CIA or one of those secret orgs. So someone may not be who they seem to be. The growing tension between Gibbs and Vance may be a big clue in that they both sense that something is wrong with the other. Gibbs has blue eyes and his iris scan would certainly open the door to operations. The popular notion is that the eye belongs to Trent Kort a re-curring CIA agent. I don't know that his iris scan would open the door to Naval MTAC operations but then the writers could explain how and why it did. Two characters are reported to be killed off. I think one is Mike Franks and I'm not sure who that might be. My guesses are Jimmy Palmer who works in autopsy or  Director Vance. It's a great show that makes you happy and intrigued for an hour.As for who the killer is...I haven't a clue.