Saturday, April 30, 2016

Last Day of April 2016

Coming into May I find myself getting a little depressed. You see it will be the second Mother's Day without my mom. Time marches on and while it heals nothing it does dull the pain your loss. Sometimes it the pain does get the best of you though but like everything else it too passes on. I wonder why we're born if death is the conclusion of that life. What's the point of it all? Being a good person doesn't extend your life nor does being an evil person, death comes for all. It makes no sense to me. You work, you worry, you have times that you are happy but in the end you die and people go through your things and sell or give them away and maybe keep a few to use or to remember you by. Ah, I'm just in a dark place at the moment, just ignore my drivel. Why do I even ask you to ignore me when I know that seldom does anyone read this blog? Silly me.
I'm on Face Book and a lot of my in-laws and some who used to be co-workers are Republicans and some are coming around to Trump. What a disaster this election is. I try not to post anything political because I don't want to argue or hurt any persons feelings. We're all free to vote for who is running for whatever reasons we think they may be qualified. I'm a dyed in the wool Democrat and would rather vote for a yellow dog than a Republican. This election I'm supporting Hillary. I'd like to see what a woman could do in that office. Bernie Sanders offers pie in the sky promises that have not chance whatsoever of ever becoming law so I'm not supporting him. If he winds up getting the nomination in July I will vote for him but I will not work for his campaign or donate any money to it.
Thought I'd post a picture of one of our cats (we have two) just for something fun and sweet to uplift my mood. Her name is Pearl and she is a sweet and loving kitty who Evie rescued from the street.