Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June Thoughts

I don't understand the state of  politics today. As a lifelong Democrat I can honestly say that while I wouldn't have liked Kasich or some other Republican winning the presidency I would have grudgingly accepted it. Trump on the other hand is another ball of wax. He's misogynistic, narcissistic, and a liar. He's also colluded with Russia and fired anyone who won't swear allegiance to only him. Still people voted for him and still they support him calling him honest and smart. This is not true.I don't understand it. How can evangelicals support a man who talks disparagingly about women, mocked the disabled, and has married many times. He is in over his head and has done nothing but sign a few executive orders and ticked off all of our allies. He plays golf almost every weekend and hired all his family, costing tax payers millions. Our constitution has been trashed and violated almost beyond repair and none of his supporters complain.
Well, when they lose their Health Care and other benefits that they've enjoyed for years I will not feel sorry for them nor will I do anything to help them. They will be on their own.
Regarding the young man who died while in custody of the North Koreans I feel very sorry for that and I know his family is very sad. The government wants to restrict travel to North Korea and some people are against it stating that the government can't tell them where they can travel and where they can't. I feel that if they want to go to a country and break the law and get arrested, let them but don't expect the government to come to your aide if you do get in trouble. It's how I feel about people climbing mountains and rocks, going out to sea, going around barriers at low water crossings, or whatever, against the advice of experts who do it anyway, get in trouble and expect to be rescued. These rescues sometimes result in the rescuers being killed. You go against good advice, you get yourself out of the mess you made.

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